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after breast reconstruction and

Renato Science, Inc.
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We aim to be the first in the world to

commercialize artificial fat tissue that can be

absorbed and digested in vivo, and eventually

replaced by autologous fat, to enable more

flexible breast construction or augmentation.


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Challenges with current breast reconstruction

Unnatural shape and feel

Patients requiring breast reconstruction after breast-conserving surgery are far from satisfied because the reconstruction does not provide adequate cosmetic repair to meet their expectations.


Our “artificial fat tissue”, the world’s first

Our artificial fat tissue

Artificial fat tissue is constructed with Poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA) mesh and collagen sponge. Collagen sponge is approved and widely-used as Pernac G Plus in Japan

Pernac G plus, an artificial dermis constructed with collagen, is registered in Japan as #23000BZX00097000, indicated for multilayer skin injuries

Overcome challenges

・Avoids the harvesting and grafting of autologous tissue
・More natural shape and feel
・Safety expected


Breast regeneration by only implanting artificial fat tissue

The implanted artificial fat tissue is eventually absorbed in the body; thus, the breast is expected to have a more natural look and feel.


Reseach & Development

Success in small and medium animal studies

One year after implantation of artificial fat tissue in rats


Two years after implantation of artificial fat tissue in white rabbits


Large-scale animal studies are ongoing

As the final step in the validation of the technology concept, a large-scale animal study in pigs is underway at Shiga University of Medical Science

Granted by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) Medical Device Division: Advanced Measurement and Analysis Systems Development Program (2019-2021)



From 2027   Investigators-initiated clinical trials
From 2028   Regitration trials
From 2030   Approval & Launches